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Programme Coordination Unit

The programme coordination unit (PCU) functions under the supervision of the Local Self Governance Division to coordinate LGCDP activities across the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA). Its role is to provide technical backstopping for the coordination of the programme. It is responsible to coordinate LGCDP’s day to day operations and to ensure the internal coordination of policy matters by the Programme Coordination Committee (PCC). Mr. Reshmi Raj Pandey, Joint Secretary of the Local Self Governance Division serves as the National Programme Director (NPD) of the Programme. Mr. Resham Kandel, Under Secretary, MoFALD serves as the full time programme manager supported by Mr. Ramesh Sharma, Admin Officer along with other programme staffs. Programme Coordination Unit is fully integrated into the MoFALD.

PCU is supported by number of thematic experts who support relevant sections of the ministry while continuously liaising with respective thematic experts in the RCUs. The thematic experts range from Result Based Monitoring Specialists, Social Mobilization expert, Building code specialist, Environment Specialist, Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist, Accountability Specialist, Capacity Development Specialist, Communication specialist, Training coordinator, Programme support staffs, Finance Officer, Procurement Specialist, supported by programme support staffs, Finance officer and ICT UNV coordinators.

PCU coordinates with 75 districts, 217 municipalities and 3157 VDCs via its six Regional Coordination Units (RCUs). PCU oversees programme outputs and outcomes by supervising, mentoring and regularly corresponding via {(133 District/Urban Governance Expert (DGE/UGE) up until July 2016 who have been replaced by Programme Officers and LGCDP focal persons}, and 65 ICT Volunteers in DDCs and Municipalities via six regional coordination units (RCUs). Thus, promoting and ensuring good governance and e-governance at local level.

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Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP)
Program Coordination Unit
Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA)
Tel: (977-1) 4257389