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सुन्दरबजारकी सरस्वती भन्छिन्- वडाध्यक्षमा लड्छु

Submitted on: Thu, 07/30/2015 - 15:37

A link to a news article that highlights the story of Saraswati Pairyar, a woman from marginalized community of Sundarbazaar municipality in Lamjung. Saraswati is vying to compete for the position of ward chairperson of ward 12 if/when local elections are held. 

She started as a member of Chautari CAC and now is the coordinator. Initially, she was not even able to speak her name out loud. However, being a member and now the coordinator of CAC has increased her confidence immensely to speak and advocate on behalf of the marginalized community. She believes that if/when she competes for the ward chairpe​r​sonship position, she will be supported by the members of her community because of her contribution in the society via CAC.